Usher set to launch £50k in 24 hours crowdfunding campaign

gary usherCHEF Gary Usher is launching another crowdfunding campaign to open a fifth restaurant in Prescot, Merseyside.

He aims to attract £50,000 funding through Kickstarter in a 24-hour period starting at 7 pm on May 29.

It follows the record-breaking £200,000 he raised last year to open his Wreckfish restaurant in Liverpool.

“Prescot has an incredible sense of community with some amazing people who are so proud of where they come from,” said Usher (pictured).

“It’s been through some hard times but with plans to regenerate the area, myself and the team are hoping to bring a really great little bistro to Prescot and be part of something bigger than just a business.

“Why 24 hours? It seems crazy, but because the building is completely empty, we really need to get going so it’s open for the summer.

“We’ve also totally changed how we’re approaching this Kickstarter campaign.

“I think there should be complete transparency in crowdfunding, which is why we’ll be offering monetary pledges this time around, instead of meal vouchers.

“It means that your 50 quid pledge, will be exactly 50 quid in the restaurant. We’re also making sure everyone gets their vouchers in less than a week, just like any normal voucher purchase.”

To be named Pinion, the Prescot restaurant joins other venues in Usher’s Elite Bistro group – Sticky Walnut in Chester, Burnt Truffle in Heswall on the Wirral, Hispi in Didsbury, Greater Manchester and Wreckfish in Liverpool. @copy NewspaperTimes - All rights reserved