The three items of equipment you must have for a pizza the action

spiral mixerPIZZA is now the most popular dish purchased in UK restaurants with a market value of £1,271m, according to a report in Infographic Journal.

It also says that although the restaurant market is currently dominated by chains the independent sector is definitely growing.

Bolton-based catering equipment supplier Pantheon has identified the three essential items of kit needed to get a professional pizza operation off the ground – a spiral mixer (pictured), dough roller and pizza oven.

“Many restaurants, bars and food-to-go outlets are profiting by adding pizza to an existing menu,” said sales director David Barton.

“The cost of the necessary equipment is comparatively low while increased revenue potential is substantial.”

Spiral mixers are designed specifically for dough so are the obvious choice for pizza making, says Barton.

“These mixers are powerful but gentle and are able to get through the stiffest dough mixture, allowing it to develop without being overworked.

“Unless you’re planning to stretch your pizza bases by hand, a dough roller is essential. They enable rapid rolling of cold dough, always producing a consistent, uniform finish.

“The thickness can be easily adjusted for each type of dough meaning that, beyond pizza bases, they can be used for pastas, bread, flatbread, croissants, pastries and pie cases.

“A dough roller increases the output of products that can be produced because no special skills are required and any available member of staff can be sure to get perfect, consistent results every time.”

When pizza isn’t the main focus of an operation, it makes sense to opt for an electric pizza oven which will be far cheaper, take up minimal space and be easy to use.

“It can also be safely operated by different members of staff with reliable, consistent results every time,” says Barton.

“Choose an oven with a refractory brick base that ensure perfect heat distribution. Also, look for internal lighting and a toughened glass viewing window so that pizzas can be monitored closely without needing to open the door.

“At reduced temperatures, electric pizza ovens can also be used for other types of food too, typically baked potatoes and pies, thus meaning they never have to stand idle.”

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