Coffee shop in Manchester trials card only payments at the till

barbecueBARBECUE coffee shop in Chorlton, Manchester, is aiming to become one of the first venues in the North West to stop accepting cash.

Owner Shen Lu hopes it will make work easier and safer for the staff because it will be less of a target for theft.

“We’re thinking about trying it properly after the New Year,” she told the Manchester Evening News. “We have done a few trials and have been getting feedback from customers.

“From our experience, counting the cash at the end of the day and getting change at the post office can be a lot of labour. There is also room for a lot of manual errors.

“We had our van broken into two weeks ago and there is quite a lot of crime going on at the precinct at the moment. So we don’t want to carry a lot of cash around at the end of the day.”

“The problem is for people who don’t have cash cards,” she said. “It will definitely go ahead but we will maybe let a few regular customers in the older generation pay with cash.

“At the moment we’re asking people for their opinions on the idea and I want to produce a leaflet so they understand why we’re doing it,” she added.

“I’ve heard of one café in London which went completely cashless last year and they said most customers don’t mind.”

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