Logs Direct launches eco-briquette for chefs’ pizza wood ovens

logs directLANCASTER wood fuel specialist Logs Direct has launched a new environmentally friendly pizza log briquette for pizzerias using wood ovens.

The Piccante logs, which are entirely natural and formed from compressed virgin beech, have been specially designed for use with foodstuffs and are free from additives, glues and adhesives.

Each 1.55kg Piccante log has a high calorific value of 5,35 kcal and is 8-sided, resting in a way that reduces contact with the oven floor, improving air flow around it and so improving combustion.  This leads to a much better burn.

It is the result of over two years’ work by Logs Direct sales director Stephen Talbot, who set himself the task of sourcing the perfect log for chefs who cook with a wood-fired oven.

The new logs have been warmly welcomed by a nationwide focus group of chefs who have been testing the product and providing their opinions.

“We are delighted to bring this exciting new eco-briquette to the market and thank all the chefs who tested them and gave us their feedback,” said Talbot.

“It has all proved very positive and we are sure we shall be firing up many more restaurants that cook with a wood-fired oven and want a briquette that has been created entirely with their needs in mind.”

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