Outdoor infrared heaters warm up diners at The Hearth of the Ram

hearth of the ramTHE Hearth of the Ram in Ramsbottom has completed a refurbishment project including an outdoor dining area with a retractable roof and installation of infrared heaters.

In order to create a better outdoor dining experience, the award-winning restaurant installed black Tansun Monaco double infrared heaters outside its three-floor venue.

With a range of up to 36 square metres, the heaters are wall-mounted at the award-winning restaurant but they can also be hung and are suitable for awnings.

“Six of our heaters have been installed at the Hearth of the Ram,” said Tansun director Kam Rana.

“Tansun’s Monaco infrared heaters are ideal for outdoor seating areas because they are energy efficient and at full capacity within a second of being turned on.

“One of their main benefits is that there is no need for preheating, so as soon as there is a chill customers benefit from full heat in an instant.”

Monaco infrared heaters come with a two-year warranty, glare-reducing gold reflectors, energy efficient low glare lamps and mounting brackets as standard.

They can be operated with a remote control or presence detector which will adjust the heat output and energy consumption whenever necessary.

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