trivago launches rate insights to help hoteliers compare with competitors

trivagoHOTELIERS in the North West are being targeted by price comparison portal trivago for its new Rate Insights feature which provides advice on how they should set their rates to make the most profit.

Instead of gathering data from just a few booking sites, Rate Insights aggregates rates from over 250 websites and makes it easy for hoteliers to compare them by room type and other variables.

It also identifies trends in traveller search volume for a hotel’s region, and a calendar of events such as concerts and sports matches that could spike local demand.

“The North West region has some of the most popular destinations in the UK for trivago travellers, and this can make the market even more competitive,” said Aly Thompson, the German-based company’s Industry Manager UK & Ireland, Hotel Relations.

“Therefore it is of increased importance for hoteliers in the North West to anticipate peak travel periods and set competitive pricing, and Rate Insights delivers unbiased data to achieve that outcome.”

Johannes Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director at trivago, added: “We understood how difficult it is for hoteliers to find, monitor, and analyse competitor room rates across hundreds of booking sites.

“We were quick to realise that the price comparison data we provide to travellers is equally valuable for hoteliers. Therefore, we created a rate shopper that gives hoteliers easy and actionable access to this data, as well as data on traveller search volume that reveals fluctuations in demand.”

Rate Insights is available with trivago Hotel Manager PRO. To find out more, visit @copy NewspaperTimes - All rights reserved